Matbridge Investments





Bridgit builds cloud-based mobile and web construction software that lets general contractors, engineering consultants, architects, owners, and subcontractors collaborate to manage all project work in real time.


Quiet Coach

The Quiet Coach

The Quiet Coach system is a custom hardware and software solution that enables more effective sports coaching.

Rebel Creek Golf Club


Rebel Creek Golf Club

Rebel Creek Golf Club is an 18 hole championship course that will entice and challenge you, whatever the level of your game. From every vantage point, Rebel Creek offers a fresh view on the public golf experience.


Algonquin Granite

Algonquin Granite

Algonquin Granite is a provider of dimensional stone products for architectural building and landscaping applications. Algonquin Granite’s natural products are entirely sourced from the Canadian Shield and locally processed to meet all LEED certified requirements.

The Training Zone


The Zone Training

The Zone Training is a network of hockey development centres located in Waterloo and Guelph, ON.




Squarehouse Holdings is a Huntsville, ON recreational and commercial real estate developer.



Soundpays is a mobile payment solution creating a seamless experience across all purchase channels. Soundpays' breakthrough technology uses inaudible sound waves, enabling all mobile devices to become a mobile wallet.




FlourishiQ isn’t your average activity tracker; it’s a lifestyle changer. Developed with a team of experts, the clinical-grade device and comprehensive smartphone app give you a better picture of your overall well-being, with real-time feedback and concrete strategies that you can put into action right away.



Bauer Energy Design is a leading Environmental Process Engineering company specializing in the research, development, and commercialization of nanobubble technology across a diverse range of industries and applications throughout the world.



Greybrook Realty Partners

Greybrook Realty Partners is a real estate investment and asset management division of Greybrook Capital, a North American private equity firm focused on making investments in the real estate and healthcare sectors.




Plaza is one of Toronto’s most experienced residential condominium construction and development organizations.



Gateman Homes

Gateman Homes is a full service custom home builder serving Kitchener-Waterloo and surrounding areas.


Paro Concierge

Details coming soon!


Former Holdings:

  • Roberts Onsite
  • Kearsley Electric
  • Dean Lane Contracting