Matbridge Investments

What We Look For in Companies

  • Canadian-owned, ideally positioned in Ontario
  • Exponential investment growth opportunity
  • Solid financial metrics
  • Strong financial target projections
  • High profit margin potential
  • Sustainable business model
  • Highly talented staff
  • Stable customer base
  • Ability to manage risk
  • Industry of interest/expertise
  • Patents on intellectual property
  • Market leader

Why Partner With Us

Matbridge Investments believes in investing in people.


We believe that by supporting passionate entrepreneurs the possibilities of what a small synergistic group can accomplish are endless. We offer inspired mentorship, sincere advice and entrepreneurial financing that will invariably take you and your business to the next level.


Man smiling and shaking hands with someone else

Icon depicting a rocketMission


It is the mission of Matbridge Investments to provide driven entrepreneurs and business owners with the capital, valuable expertise, and working space they require to achieve all of their goals. Our knowledgeable, open-minded and professional team will help provide all the necessary tools for our partners and customers to succeed.


Icon depicting a strategy on paper Strategy


Our strategy is to diversify our portfolio, support small business and grow our holdings through acquiring established companies and commercial real estate assets, and investing in real estate developments.


We look to add value to companies using our expertise and business partnerships. By taking on an active role in the companies and projects in our portfolio, including guidance support, management oversight, strategy development and financial support, we can help maximize return on investment and ensure business success.